Last news : 20 juillet – FC Barcelona and new esport player at Helios Gaming team

It’s time for the last news of the Cogaming Group !

▶  The recruitment campaign continues at Helios Gaming! Web editors, community managers, streamers …


Helios Gaming Unity: A new player has joined the ranks of our esport team on FIFA: welcome FuoriClasse27!

Its first competition took place this weekend online: the VCGO Summer Cup. 90 players on the starting line, he finished in the round of 16 in the top 16 against the French champion 💪

Training center Helios Gaming School: The selections for the next school year continue:

Helios Gaming confirms his talents springboard:  xBlyzes joins his sidekick Zhym in the esport team of FC Barcelona for the Gold Club World Cup competition from July 27th to August 2nd!

Hearthstone Masters Tour: the Asia-Pacific stage took place online this weekend! Our player Chatthon from Helios Gaming qualified, and finished with a score of 5 wins and 4 losses. He was almost there! Chatthon still among the 300 best players in the world 💪

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